Parking Bikes at RAW

10 Dec

Notice to all Raw Riders:
From tomorrow Sunday 9th December a new cafe will be opening on the upper deck alongside the shoe shop and Raw Energy. We RR’s have been politely asked to refrain from leaving our cycles in this area while we undergo necessary post ride caffeine recovery activity. I have asked Raw Energy if they could re-instate their old (green) cycle rack down on the side-way by the road but clear of the footpath. This may or may not always happen so RR’s are further asked not to crowd or hinder this path for pedestrians. The situation will be monitored over the next few months and if necessary the council may be contacted to provide some REAL! cycle racks. Watch this space.
Opportunity is taken to wish all Raw Riders and their families a happy, safe and enjoyable Christmas period.
mick m. (keeper of the RR E’s)



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